Air treatment for offshore industry

Ships, drilling platforms and accommodation barges contain many people confined in relatively small spaces which leads to high probability of viruses and germs to spread and cause and/or spread sickness amongst the crew.
As continuity is critical in the offshore industry any effort or technology to prevent the spreading of germs, viruses and other micro-organisms is useful.

Air sterilization systems for HVAC systems

offshore HVAC air purification

As vessels and installations are equipped with an HVAC system this is the default source or distributor of germs and viruses that cause sickness or help to spread sickness amongst the crew.

Costly absence or inproductivity trough sickness can be prevented by installing an effective system that kills over 90% of bacteria, viruses, allergen, germs and micro-organisms.

This can be achieved by installing an SNE MCI (Multi Catalytic Ionization Technology) that uses high intensity UV light produced by special quartz ultraviolet tubes combined to patented TiO2 catalysts which produce hydroxyl radicals. hydro-peroxide, super oxide ions and negative ions, as well as other catalysts which help purify air all round and swiftly. This process kills over 90% of bacteria, viruses, allergen, germs and micro-organisms, and oxidizes unpleasant smells, volatile organic compounds and harmful gasses.


Free standing air purifiers to clean the air on the spot

offshore air purification

An alternative is the use of an individual air purifier that uses HEPA and active carbon filters to clean the air from particles, viruses, germs, allergens, unpleasant smells, harmful gasses and VOC’s.
These units can be easily installed, plugging it in is enough to start cleaning the air, and can be used on many different locations aboard the vessel or installation.
An effective air purifier is a useful tool to improve air quality, relieve discomforts, prevent disease and improve productivity.

offshore dehumidifier

Professional dehumidifiers to prevent oxidation and damage to electronic equipment

The humid conditions aboard can severely limit the lifespan or damage sensitive electronic equipment like computers, electronics and other equipment. This can be prevented by the use of a professional dehumidification system which will decrease humidity and will keep it on the desired level at which there can be no oxidation of sensitive materials.

These units can be free-standing or suspended from a wall for permanent use. Should the vessel or room in which the unit is used be coldstacked or unoccupied for longer periods the dehumidifier can be quiped with a condensate pump which will pump the condensed water outside so that the humidity can be controlled without interference or interruption.

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